November 18, 2021

Call to Order - Leticia Egea-Hinton, Vice President
Roll Call - Lynn Rauch, Esq., General Counsel
Approval of Minutes - October 28, 2021
Committee Reports
Superintendent Remarks - William R. Hite, Jr., Ed.D.
New Charter Applications Update, Peng Chao, Interim Chief of Charter Schools Office
Board of Education - Other
Written Testimony
Written Testimony
Board of Education - Other
Registered Student Speakers
Student Speakers List
Board of Education - Other
Registered Speakers
Speakers List
Board of Education - Other
Goals and Guardrails
Guardrail 1: Welcoming and Supportive Schools
Board of Education - Other
Progress Monitoring Slide Deck
Board of Education - Other
Action Items Questions and Answers
Action Item Questions/Responses
Board of Education - Other
Action Item
1.Acceptance of Grant from Centerwell Solutions - Equity by Design, Community of Practice - Learning Network 2 ($3,000,000)
Schools - Grants/Donations
2.Acceptance of Donation from The Fund for the School District of Philadelphia - Contract with General Recreation, Inc. - Mifflin Playground
Schools - Other
3.Ratification of Acceptance of GEAR UP READY Grant from the US Department of Education ($29,556,000)
Academic Support - Other
4.Ratification and Authorization of Media and Advertising Purchases from Various Vendors ($875,000)
External Relations - Other
5.Approval of Personnel Hires (Updated 11.5.21)
Talent - Other
6.Approval of Personnel Terminations (Updated 11.18.21)
Talent - Other
7.Administration's Recommended Termination of Professional Employees (Withdrawn)
Talent - Other
8.Approval of Retirements and Resignations (Updated 11.18.21)
Talent - Other
9.Contract with HIREtech - Unemployment Compensation Third Party Administrator ($114,381)
Talent - Contracts
10.Contract with SHI/SHI International for Districtwide Chromebook Repair and Replacement Program ($11,834,215)
Information Technology - Contracts
11.Contract with Cloudaction for a Cloud-based IT Service Management Environment ($300,000)
Information Technology - Contracts
12.Capital Award for Marshall, John Elementary School, Chase, Fox Elementary School, Elkin, Lewis Elementary School, Comly, Watson Elementary School ($9,121,677)
Operations - Capital Programs - Capital Awards
13.Contract with TBD for Program Management Services for the Office of Environmental Management Services (Withdrawn 11.8.21)
Operations - Capital Programs - Contracts
14.Amended Contracts for Professional Design Services with Gilmore & Associates, Inc., KS Engineers, P.C (MBE),, SALT Design Studio and TEND Landscape, Inc.(WBE) - Various Locations Landscape Architecture and Civil Engineering Design ($1,500,000)
Operations - Capital Programs - Amended Contracts
15.Amendment of Contract with Various Firms for Supplemental Professional Architectural Services ($5,000,000)
Operations - Capital Programs - Amended Contracts
16.Change Orders With Various Vendors ($123,401)
Operations - Capital Programs - Other
17.Ratification of Collective Bargaining Agreement with School Police Association of Philadelphia (Added 11.9.21)
Board of Education - Other
18.Universal Audenried Promise Neighborhood Partnership Charter School - Exercise of Surrender in Charter Agreement (Action Postponed)
Board of Education - Other
19.Universal Vare Promise Neighborhood Partnership Charter School - Application for Charter Renewal (Updated 11.19.21)
Board of Education - Other
20.Resolution of the Board of Education of the School District of Philadelphia in Support of the Pennsylvania School Funding Lawsuit (Added 11.16.21)
Board of Education - Other

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