June 11, 2020

Call to Order - Dr. Angela McIver
Roll Call
Approval of Minutes
May 14, 2020 Joint Committee Minutes
Opening Remarks
Student Achievement and Support Committee Items
End of Year Report from Student Board Representatives
Continuation of Education Plan Update
Charter Schools Office Update
School Safety Update
Upcoming Action Items re: Student Achievement and Support
5) Acceptance of Grant from the William Penn Foundation - Parent/Guardian Engagement in the District-wide Survey ($325,000)
8). Authorization of Memorandum of Understanding with Teach Plus, Inc. (Acceptance of Donation)
9). Approval of Official School File: Grade Organization and Grade Changes FY2020-2021
10). Contract Extension with District Management Group for Breakthrough Teams Coaching (No Cost)
11). Amendment of Contract with InProcess Consulting, LLC - Data Dashboard Development and Support (No Cost)
43) Amendment of Contract with Health Federation of Philadelphia - Care Management Coordinator ($160,000)
44) Memorandum of Understanding with National Training Network - Math Professional Learning and In-Classroom Coaching
46) Contract with KickUp, Inc. - Teacher Coaches Documentation and Data Online Platform ($37,473)
45) Contract for Exemplary Teaching Video Library - Van Vorst Films ($36,700)
47) Contract with Student Success Academy - Peer Mentorship for first-year GEAR UP College Students ($88,000)
48) Occupational Advisory Committee Members for the 2020-21 School Year - Career and Technical Education Programs
49) Contract with Philadelphia Academy of School Leaders - Neubauer Fellowship ($188,500)
50) Contract with City Year Philadelphia - School Supports ($1,500,000)
51). Contract with Project Based Learning, Inc.- The Workshop School ($800,00)
52). Contract with Demetrius Weaver - Science Leadership Academy @ Beeber ($50,000)
53). Amendment of Contract with Old Sow Coaching and Consulting, LLC - School Leader Coach Training ($275,000)
54). Amendment of Contract with 12PLUS - Postsecondary Academic and Mentoring Services ($155,000)
55). Ratification of Contract with Peekapak - Lowell Elementary School ($2,500)
56). Ratification of Contract with Springboard Collaborative - Welsh Elementary ($2,500)
57). Ratification of Contract with Springboard Collaborative - Meade School ($2,500)
58). Ratification of Contract with Dancing Classrooms Philly - Dr. Ethel Allen School ($2,000)
59). Contract with "TBD" for Charter School Special Education Program Evaluation and Master (Pending)
60) Community Academy of Philadelphia Charter School - Application for Charter Renewal (Pending - Added 6.9.20)
61) KIPP Philadelphia Charter School - Application for Charter Renewal (Pending - Added 6.9.20)
62) Global Leadership Academy Charter School - Application for Charter Renewal (Pending - Added 6.9.20)
63) General David B. Birney Charter School dba Lindley Academy Charter School at Birney - Application for Charter Renewal (Pending - Added 6.9.20)
64) Tacony Academy Charter School - Application for Charter Renewal (Pending - Added 6.9.20)
65) Ratification of Contract with Common Ground Leadership Project - Strategic Support ($4,875) Added 6.9.20
66) Ratification of Contract with the Council of Great City Schools - Board Governance ($8,863) Added 6.11.20
Public Comment re: Student Achievement and Support
Topic:Public Comment Speaker's List
Topic:Written Testimony
Finance and Facilities Committee Items - Lee Huang
Budget Update
Facilities Update
Upcoming Action Items re: Finance and Facilities
4) Authorization to Levy and Assess Taxes - Real Estate Tax, Use & Occupancy Tax, School Income Tax, and Liquor by the Drink Tax
6) Acceptance of Grant from Philadelphia School Partnership - Keys to My Success - Philadelphia High School for Girls ($493,279)
7). Acceptance of Donation from T-Mobile - COVID-19 ($25,000)
15). Contract with Tokio Marine HCC (HCC) Insurance Co Stop Loss Insurance FY21 ($996,162)
16). Contract with Independence Blue Cross and Future Scripts FY21 ($182,615,922)
17). Contract with Various Vendors for the Supply of Technology Equipment, Software and Services ($8,000,000)
18). Contract with Donesafe for an Environmental Health & Safety Data Management Solution ($175,000)
19). Contracts with Various Vendors - Provide IDEA Equitable Participation to Non-Public Schools ($600,000)
20). Amendment of Authorization of Education Payments to Other Educational Entities ($600,000)
21). Amendment of Contract with Technology Resource Associates, Inc. ($150,000)
22). Contracts with Various Vendors - Provide CARES Act Services to Non-Public Schools ($16,000,000)
23). Contract with Conner Strong & Buckelew, Companies Inc. - Casualty and Property Insurance ($2,962,721)
24) Contract with CardConnect, LLC and Wells Fargo, N.A. ($25,000)
25) Request for Approval of Act 80 Exception - Instructional Time
26) Amendment of Contract with National Association of School Resource Officers, Inc. - School Police Training ($25,000)
27) Amendment of Contracts with KS Engineers, PC (MBE); Constructonomics, LLC; Atane Consulting (MBE); The McKissack Group, Inc.(M/WBE); The Temple Group, Inc.(M/WBE); S. T. Hudson Engineers, Inc.; The McCloud Group, LLC (MBE); Promatech, Inc.(WBE); Adcon Consultants, Inc.(MBE); Johnson, Mirmiran & Thompson, Inc.; Armand Corporation (M/WBE); Rotator Staffing Services, Inc. for Supplemental Staffing for Capital Programs ($3,000,000))
28) Amendment of Turnkey Agreement with Gilbane Development Company for the Construction of New K-8 School ($752,725)
29) Amendment of Contract with Stantec for Design Services at Ben Franklin/SLA School ($659,533)
30) Contract with Ewing Cole Inc. - Professional Design Services for the New Cassidy Elementary School ($2,623,500)
31) Contract with National Reprographics Inc. (WBE) and Printostat, Inc.for Professional Reproduction Services - ($150,000)
32) Contract with Mobilease Modular Space, Inc. for Modular Classrooms at Mayfair Elementary School ($420,000)
33) Change Order Summary - Various Vendors ($520,177)
34) Contract with The Tustin Group for Boiler Water Treatment Services ($1,396,236)
35) Ratification of Contract with Energy Coordinating Agency – HVAC Apprenticeship Program ($15,000)
36) Contract with Mobilease Modular Space, Inc. for Modular Classroom at Olney Elementary ($122,000)
37) Contract with U.S Foods -- Groceries & Provisions ($19,800,000)
38) Contract with Clark Food Services - Kitchen Smallwares ($150,000)
39) Amendment of Contract with The Electric Motor Repair -- Cafeteria Equipment Repair ($100,000)
40) Contract with Various Vendors - Textbooks and Instructional Aids ($15,000,000)
41) Amendment of Contract with CDW-G -- Printers & Toners ($500,000)
42) Contracts with Various Vendors - Stage Curtains ($400,000)
Public Comment re: Finance and Facilities
Public Comment Speaker's List

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