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Action Item - 8.

Title: Adoption of Strategic Plan for The School District of Philadelphia - Updated 5.19.2023/Updated 5.24.2023/Updated 5.25.2023 [REVIEW - NO ACTION TAKEN]

Board of Education Meeting Date:

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 Title: Adoption of Strategic Plan for The School District of Philadelphia - REVIEW NO ACTION TAKEN

Board of Education Meeting Date: May 25, 2023

Action Under Consideration: 


The Board of Education will review the SY23-24 through SY27-28 Strategic Plan for The School District of Philadelphia, in the form to-be-attached, at the May Action Meeting.  Adoption of the Strategic Plan will be considered at the Board of Education public hearing on June 1, 2023: 

The Administration recommends that the Board of Education adopt the SY23-24 through SY27-28 Strategic Plan for The School District of Philadelphia


The Strategic Plan updates the vision, mission, and core values for The School District of Philadelphia and Board of Education, defines a theory of action, and establishes a set of priority areas and research-based strategies to accelerate student achievement and progress toward the Goals and Guardrails. The Strategic Plan will focus the organization on a limited set of priorities and strategies and will serve as a roadmap that will guide decision making around deploying our resources, including time, available funding, and professional development, to achieve the Goals and Guardrails. The Strategic Plan will be a living document that can be updated by the Administration as needed based on progress monitoring, emerging trends, new internal evidence, or external research.

The Strategic Plan was informed by Dr. Watlington’s Transition Team Report, the Listening and Learning Tour, and the input and feedback of the Strategic Planning Steering Committee, Leadership Team, and eight Advisory Groups representing key areas of expertise and the diverse experiences and perspectives of Philadelphia’s school communities. 

Individuals from across the city were invited to apply to the Advisory Groups and nearly 400 individuals applied. There were dedicated Advisory Groups for parents/guardians, school leaders, teachers, school support staff, central office staff, union leadership, and community leaders. Advisory Group meetings gave different members of the community the opportunity to provide insight and feedback while the plan was developed so that the result is a plan reflective of a wide range of viewpoints, goals, and needs. The Superintendent’s Student Advisory Council was also engaged through the process during their monthly meetings to get insights from students. 

The Steering Committee and Leadership Teams were composed of District leaders, content experts, school leaders, teachers, and school-based staff members. In addition, parents/guardians and students also served on the Steering Committee to participate in generating the content of the plan. Overall over 200 individuals actively engaged in the development of the Strategic Plan, about 160 individuals served on Advisory Groups, about 60 individuals on the Steering Committee, and 25 individuals on the Leadership Team. This community driven effort helped generate a plan that will help accelerate our progress toward the Goals and Guardrails and support students in reaching any future they imagine.


Office Originating Request: Office of the Superintendent


 Office Originating Request: Superintendent
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