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Action Item - 42.

Title: Amendment of Contract with Genuine Parts Company for Yellow Bus and Non-Bus Fleet Parts ($3,630,000)

Board of Education Meeting Date:

Action under consideration

 The Administration recommends that the Board of Education authorize The School District of Philadelphia, through the Superintendent or his designee, to execute and perform an amendment of a contract, subject to funding, as follows:


Genuine Parts Company



Bus parts and supplies for the Broad Street Garage Consignment Shop

 Original Start Date:  6/16/2017

 Current End Date:  6/30/2023

 Amended End Date:  6/30/2025

 Currently Authorized Compensation:  $9,611,000

 Additional Compensation: 


 Total New Compensation:  $13,241,000 


Broad Street Garage

 Renewal Options:  No


The School District of Philadelphia's (District) Department of Transportation Services (Transportation) is seeking the continuation of the contract with Genuine Parts Company (GPC) for the provision of parts and supplies to the District’s garages. GPC provides a wide range of parts and supplies, including tires, oil filters, brakes, engine oil, and windshield wipers. These parts are used to maintain and complete repairs to the District’s yellow bus and non-bus fleet. Transportation is pleased with the level of service provided by GPC. GPC has consistently met all of Transportation’s requirements and has provided excellent customer service. GPC will continue to be evaluated via ongoing feedback from garage personnel and through quarterly management meetings. 

This contract directly supports the Board of Education's Guardrail 1. The success of the contract is measured by the ability of GPC to make a vast array of parts available to District garages on demand or within a short amount of time. This reduces the amount of inventory the District is required to keep on hand.

 Related resolution(s)/approval(s): 

April 21, 2022; No.15

April 23, 2020; No.38

 Funding Source(s): 

FY24 Operating funds

FY25 Operating funds

 Office Originating Request: Operations - Transportation