Item Coversheet

Action Item - 16.

Title: Contract with Conner Strong & Buckelew Companies Inc. - Casualty and Property Insurance ($5,033,000)

Board of Education Meeting Date:

Action under consideration

 The Administration recommends that the Board of Education authorize The School District of Philadelphia, through the Superintendent or his designee, to execute and perform a contract, subject to funding, as follows: 

Conner, Strong & Buckelew Companies, Inc. 

To reimburse the District's insurance broker of record for the purchase of various casualty and bond premiums

 Start date: 7/1/2023

 End date: 6/30/2024
 Compensation not to exceed: $5,033,000 
Administrative Office(s)

 Renewal Options:  Yes

 Number of Options: 1

 Duration of each option to extend: Years:   Months:
 Maximum compensation authorized per option period:   5,033,000

Although the School District of Philadelphia (District) has certain protections under the Commonwealth's governmental immunity laws, it still requires a suite of casualty and property insurance products to address many of the exposures presented by its activities. Pursuant to their brokerage/consulting agreement, Conner Strong pays for the various insurance coverages on behalf of the District and the District reimburses the expenses. The various coverages include: Property (including equipment breakdown); Excess Property, Excess Workers Compensation and Employers Liability; Crime; Sports
Accident; Student Participant; Voluntary Student Accident; Foreign Package; Student Professional Liability; and Public Official Bonds. They may place additional supplemental coverage as needed during the school year.

 Funding Source(s): 
FY23-24 General Fund

 Office Originating Request: Finance