Item Coversheet

Action Item - 1.

Title: Adoption of Proposed Board Policies - Updated 1.11.2022 (As Amended 1.27.2022)

Board of Education Meeting Date:


The Board of Education will consider the amendment of the following policies, in the form attached, at the January Action Meeting:


Policy 004.1 School Board Committees 

Policy 115 Career and Technical Education

Policy 138 English Language Development/Bilingual Education Program (postponed)

Policy 203 Immunizations and Communicable Diseases

Policy 209 Health Examinations/Screenings

Policy 218.1 Weapons

Policy 226 Searches

Policy 331 Employee Travel, Meal, and Expense Reimbursement

Policy 810.3 School Vehicle Drivers (NEW)

Policy 823 Naloxone (NEW)

Policy 904 Public Attendance at School Events

Policy 911 News Media Relations



Furthermore, The Board of Education will consider the elimination of the following policies: 


Policy 314 Pre-Employment Physical Examination (Eliminate)

Policy 325 Meal Policy for District Employees (Eliminate)

Policy 905 Citizen Advisory Committees (Eliminate)


 Office Originating Request: Board of Education
Policy 004.1 School Board CommitteesSupporting Document
Policy 115 Career and Technical EducationSupporting Document
Policy 138 English Language Development/Bilingual Education Program Supporting Document
Policy 203 Immunizations and Communicable DiseasesSupporting Document
Policy 203 Administrative ProceduresSupporting Document
Policy 209 Health Examinations/ScreeningsSupporting Document
Policy 226 SearchesSupporting Document
Policy 218.1 WeaponsSupporting Document
Policy 314 Pre-Employment Physical Examination (Proposed Elimination)Supporting Document
Policy 325 Meal Policy for District Employees (Proposed Elimination)Supporting Document
Policy 331 Employee Travel, Meal, and Expense ReimbursementSupporting Document
Policy 331 Administrative ProceduresSupporting Document
Policy 810.3 School Vehicle DriversSupporting Document
Policy 810.3 Administrative ProceduresSupporting Document
Policy 823 NaloxoneSupporting Document
Policy 823 Administrative ProceduresSupporting Document
Policy 904 Public Attendance at School EventsSupporting Document
Policy 905 Citizen's Advisory CommitteesSupporting Document
Policy 911 News Media Relations (Updated 1.11.2022)Supporting Document
Policy 911 Administrative ProceduresSupporting Document