Item Coversheet
No. 904
SECTION:  900 Community
TITLE:  904 Public Attendance at School Events
ADOPTED: October 5, 2011
REVISED:  March 15, 2018

904 Public Attendance at School Events


The Board of Education is committed to the goal of providing safe, welcoming, and healthy schools where students, staff, and the community want to be and learn each day. The purpose of this policy is The School Reform Commission to outline guidelines for welcomes the public attendance and conduct on school property and at activities and events sponsored by the school dDistrict, but the School District also acknowledges its duty to while maintaining order, observing health and safety protocols, and preserving school facilities during such events.


For purposes of this policy, terms are defined as follows:


Disruption: Any behavior or conduct by an individual or group that interferes with the normal operation of disturbance or problem that interrupts a District or school-sponsored event, activity, or process, including, but not limited to:

  1. Fighting, threatening, or other violent behavior.
  2. Intentionally damaging or destroying District property or the personal property of another, including graffiti or arson.
  3. Disrupting the orderly conduct of classes, school programs, or other school activities.
  4. Distributing or wearing materials on school property or at school functions that are obscene, advocate illegal action, appear libelous, obstruct the rights of others, or are disruptive to the school program.
  5. Intimidating, harassing, or discriminating against any person on the basis of a person's race, color, ethnicity, age, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression, ancestry, national origin, marital status, pregnancy, socio-economic status, or handicap/disability. [1][2]
  6. Using profane language or gestures.
  7. Entering any portion of the school premises without authorization or remaining in any building or facility after it is closed.
  8. Possessing, consuming, selling, distributing, or exchanging alcoholic beverages or controlled substances, or being under the influence of either on school property or at a school function.
  9. Possessing or using weapons in or on school property or at a school function, except in the case of law enforcement officers or except as specifically authorized by the District. [3]
  10. Loitering on or about school property.
  11. Gambling on school property or at school functions.
  12. Refusing to comply with any reasonable order of identifiable District officials performing their duties.

Event Organizer: Any person or nonprofit group or organization who is a customer, as defined in the administrative procedures for Policy 707 - Use of Facilities, hosting an event in a District facility. The organizer is responsible for the monitoring and control of all its events at the facility, and is required to review and comply with all established District health and safety protocols, and enforce requirements to protect participants, guests, workers, volunteers, etc. [4]  


Public: All persons who are not an employee, contractor, or student of the District when on school property or attending activities sponsored by the District.


School property: In or within any building; structure; athletic playing field; playground; parking lot; land; or school buses owned by, contracted to, or jointly owned by the District.


Tobacco: A lighted or unlighted cigarette, cigar, pipe, or other smoking product or material and smokeless tobacco in any form. [3]


Controlled substances: means A drug, substance, or immediate precursor included in schedules I through V of the Controlled Substance Act. [4]


Weapons: A thing designed or used for inflicting bodily harm or physical damage. [3][5]



As authorized by the Pennsylvania Public School Code, the Board may adopt and enforce such reasonable rules and regulations as it may deem necessary and proper regarding the management of its school affairs, including for school events open to the public.

The SRC has the authority to remove any individual from a school event whose conduct constitutes a disruption as defined in this policy and prohibit that individual’s attendance at future school events notwithstanding any legal protections to the contrary. [1][2][5][6]  

Delegation of Responsibility

The Board authorizes the Superintendent or their designee to prohibit the entry of or remove any individual from a school event whose conduct constitutes a disruption as defined in this policy. [5][6]


In accordance with state law and regulations, the Board directs the Superintendent or their designee, through the Office of School Safety, shall to annually, by July 31, report all incidents of violence,; possession of a weapon, as defined by Policy 218.1 - Weapons,; and use or sale of a controlled substance, as defined by Policy 227 - Controlled Substances/Paraphernalia, or tobacco products, as defined by Policy 222 - Tobacco Product, Alternative Nicotine Product, and Vapor Product Use by Students, by any person on school property to the Office for Safe Schools on the required form. [3][7][8][9][10][11]


The Superintendent or designee may report incidents involving the disruption of public events on school property, at any school-sponsored activity, or on a conveyance providing transportation to or from a school or school-sponsored activity to the local police department that has jurisdiction over the school’s property, in accordance with state law and regulations, the procedures set forth in the memorandum of understanding with local law enforcement, and SRC Board policies. [6][7][8][9][10][11][12][13][14]


The district shall annually notify staff, parents/guardians, and members of the public about the district's tobacco use policy by publishing such in handbooks, newsletters, posted notices, and other efficient methods. [3]

Mandatory Regulatory Procedures:

Attendance may be limited to designated areas or the number of attendees to school events limited when necessary to protect the health and safety of students, staff, and the public, in accordance with Board-approved health and safety plans and guidance from state and local officials.


Health and safety rules must be followed prior to entry and while attendees are in school buildings and on school property, in accordance with Board policy, District procedures, any Board-approved health and safety plan, and guidance from state and local officials.


Employee conduct during school events is governed by Policy 301 - Employee Code of Ethics, Policy 317 - Educator Misconduct and Reporting Requirements, and Policy 340 - Employee Roles and Responsibilities in Student Welfare. Student conduct during school events is governed by the Code of Conduct. [15][16][17][18]


All persons who violate this policy may be subject to warning, immediate removal, or exclusion from attendance in the future, as the facts may warrant. Exclusion decisions may be disputed by following the process for addressing concerns set forth in Policy 906 - Addressing Student and Constituent Concerns. [10][19]


Any school employee, independent contractor, or volunteer who has reason to believe while attending a school event that a child is being, or has been, abused or neglected will immediately make a written or oral report of that suspicion of concern by following the reporting procedures set forth in Policy 806 - Child Abuse. [20]

Gambling and Controlled Substances


The School District prohibits gambling and the possession and use of controlled substances and alcoholic beverages on school premises. [1][2][5][6]




The School District prohibits the possession of weapons in any school dDistrict buildings, on school property, at any school-sponsored activity, and on any dDistrict vehicle. [3]




The School District prohibits tobacco use by any persons in its school buildings and on any property, buses, vans, and vehicles that are owned, leased, or controlled by the school dDistrict. [3][5][21][22]




Players, participants, coaches, directors, advisors, and spectators are expected to refrain from using foul, abusive, and/or abrasive language. Profanity of any type can be cause for immediate removal from school property.




A disabled parent/guardian or authorized visitor to a school event Individuals with a qualified disability that requires a reasonable accommodation to assist in his/her their attendance/ or participation in the an event should contact the event administrative organizer at least three (3) seven (7) business days in advance of the scheduled event or three (3) days following receipt of notice of the event, whichever accomplishes the earliest notice to the school district. If the individual does not know who the event organizer is, they should contact the Use of Facilities Department at [4][23] Requests should be made as early as possible because some accommodations require additional time to prepare/arrange.


Service Animals


Individuals with disabilities may be accompanied by their service animals while on district property for events that are open to the general public in accordance with SRC policy and state and federal law and regulation. [12][13][14]

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