Item Coversheet
No. 911
SECTION:  900 Community
TITLE:  911 News Media Relations
ADOPTED: October 5, 2011

911 News Media Relations


The Board of Education (“Board”) recognizes that Rrepresentatives of the local and national press,—print, digital, and broadcast, including radio and TVare an important link in resource for establishing and maintaining communications between school and community. The purpose of this policy is to provide School District of Philadelphia (“District”) staff with guidelines on how to engage with members of the media in order to maintain safe learning and working environments for students, staff, and school communities and to Mmaintainenance of good working relationships with media representatives is essential to meeting the objectives of the school-community relations program.


As authorized by the Pennsylvania Public School Code, the Board may adopt and enforce such reasonable rules and regulations as it may deem necessary and proper regarding the management of its school affairs. [1]


The School Reform Commission shall have final approval for all procedures regarding relations between the news media and the district.


The SRC reserves the right to negotiate for radio broadcasting, televising, filming, or sound recording of any school event by an outside agency. These rights, if sold, shall be contracted under conditions that bring the most favorable terms to the school district.

Delegation of Responsibility

The Board directs tThe Superintendent or their designee, through the Office of Communications, to shall develop the administrative procedures to implement the District’s regarding relations between the news media and the District, compliance with this policy including a process for the media to request access to District facilities, staff, and students.


The Board shall have final approval for all procedures regarding relations between the news media and the Board. The Superintendent or designee shall have final approval for all procedures regarding relations between the news media and the District.


The Office of Communications shall be responsible to:

  1. Be readily available to media representatives,
  2. Keep media representatives informed of all aspects of the District so that reporting will be done on the basis of a complete and valid overview,
  3. Submit and suggest feature stories or articles of interest or relevance, and
  4. Meet periodically with news media representatives to discuss coverage of the District.
Mandatory Regulatory Procedures:

Staff members shall not give school information or interviews requested by news media representatives without prior approval of the Office of Communications.


Submission of photographs to news media or permission for news media representatives to photograph District subjects, personnel, or students require authorization by the Office of Communications and the individuals involved or their parents/guardians.


The Media Relations Team shall conduct information sessions with staff at Central Administration and school leaders to keep them aware of this policy.

Legal References:
  1. 24 P.S. Sec. 510, 696

Home Rule Charter – 12-300

Administrative Procedures:
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