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Action Items - Intermediate Unit - 1.

Title: Ratification of Acceptance of Grant Funds - Safe Schools Targeted Non-Public Schools Equipment and Program Competitive Grants ($1,000,000)

Board of Education Meeting Date:

Action under consideration


The Administration recommends that the Board of Education, acting in its capacity as the Board of Directors of Philadelphia Intermediate Unit No. 26 (IU 26), ratify and authorize the acceptance of grants by IU 26, through the Executive Director or his designee, and ratify and authorize the execution and performance of contracts by IU 26, through The Executive Director or his designee, upon the receipt of the Safe School Targeted Equipment and Program Grants as follows:


Grant from:  Pennsylvania Department of Education


Contract(s) with:  Contractors and suppliers as determined in consultation with non-public schools



To accept and expend Safe School Targeted Equipment and Program Grant funds for goods and services at non-public schools to help address school violence and security issues


Grants Start Date: 7/1/2021


Grant End Date: 6/30/2022


Grant for an amount up to: $1,000,000 for School Safety Grants


Contract Start Date: 7/1/2021


Contract End Date: 6/30/2022


Compensation not to exceed:  All contractors and suppliers to be paid from the aggregate not to exceed $1,000,000.


Location: Various Philadelphia non-public schools whose projects are funded



The Intermediate Unit is required to manage grant funds for school safety and security enhancements at designated non-public schools located within the IU in line with the terms of the grant agreements and the guidance issued by the Pennsylvania Department of Education’s Office of Safe Schools. These grants assist non-public schools by providing security equipment, which may include metal detectors, protective lighting, surveillance equipment, special emergency communication equipment, electronic locksets, deadbolts and theft control devices, and training in the use of security-related technology. This grant also provides funding for programs that address school violence which may include positive behavior support, conflict resolution, classroom management, bullying, restorative justice strategies, and research-based prevention programs.


This work will allow students in Philadelphia non-public schools to have the opportunity to be welcomed into a safe and supportive learning environment directly connected to Guardrail 1. Numerous non-public schools are located in areas where school climate and community violence can directly affect students’ learning and safety.  This funding will allow an opportunity for non-public schools to maintain, improve, or enhance the safety within the climate of the non-public school.


The success of this grant will be measured based on the number of students impacted by the grant at a school.


Funding Source: State Categorical Funds

 Office Originating Request: Finance