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Action Item - 14.

Title: Ratification of Amendment of Contract with Paul Nedeau ($20,000)

Board of Education Meeting Date:

Action under consideration


The Administration recommends that the Board of Education ratify the execution and performance of an amendment of a contract by The School District of Philadelphia, through the Superintendent or his designee, subject to funding, as follows:


With: Paul Nedeau


Purpose: Expansion of consultant services related to planning for school reopening issues, including COVID-19 testing


Original Start date:  6/29/2020


Current End Date:  6/30/2021


Currently Authorized Compensation:  $20,000


Additional Compensation:  $20,000


Total New Compensation:  $40,000


Location: Administrative Office


Description: The Office of Talent previously retained Paul Nedeau to provide consultant services in connection to COVID-19 and school reopening planning under a Limited Contract, which was capped at $20,000.  As circumstances have evolved and inter-related issues arisen, the scope of Mr. Nedeau’s understanding and involvement has expanded.  Given his knowledge of the issues and District programs, such as around COVID-19 vaccines and testing efforts, and urgent needs and timing associated with promoting a safe reopening of schools, it has continued to be in the best interests of the District to seamlessly continue to rely on his services, without a break in service, hence a ratification request for additional funds for the additional scope and amount of services provided by Mr. Nedeau.


Related resolution(s)/approval(s): 


Funding Source


Related resolution(s)/approval(s):

July 30, 2020; No. 11


 Office Originating Request: Talent