Item Coversheet

Action Item - 7.

Title: Contract with InProcess Consulting for Cloud Hosting and Support ($3,100,000)

Board of Education Meeting Date:

Action under consideration

 The Administration recommends that the Board of Education authorize The School District of Philadelphia, through the Superintendent or his designee, to execute and perform a contract, subject to funding, as follows: 

InProcess Consulting, LLC 

Host and support Qlik environment, license fees, and maintenance

 Start date: 9/1/2021

 End date: 8/31/2024
 Compensation not to exceed: $3,100,000 
All Schools

 Renewal Options:  Yes

 Number of Options: 2

 Duration of each option to extend: Years: 1  Months:
 Maximum compensation authorized per option period:   Each option at fixed amount of $1,100,000

The School District has been using Qlik business intelligence software since 2016 for data analytics, reporting, and to build internal and public facing dashboards (e.g., District-Wide Survey website, School Profiles). The District holds perpetual licenses for multiple Qlik products. We require a partner to assist in ongoing refinement and maintenance, as well as to host and manage the environment. The current contract for Qlik support and hosting, also with InProcess Consulting, expires in August 2021.  As part of this new contract, we will transition to cloud hosting, which will allow for greater flexibility, scalability, and support as compared to the fixed nature of our current on-premise environment. We will also add up to 1,000 additional licenses. 

 Funding Source(s): 

FY22 DPO Operating and Title 1A

FY23 DPO Operating and Title 1A

FY24 DPO Operating and Title 1A

FY25 DPO Operating 

 Office Originating Request: Evaluation, Research and Accountability