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Action Item - 28.

Title: Five Year Goals and Guardrails (Added 12.3.20)

Board of Education Meeting Date:


As the governing body of the School District of Philadelphia, the Board of Education’s role is to set a vision for public education in Philadelphia and then to hold the School District accountable for realizing it. As a Board, we have spent the last two years visiting schools and meeting with community members to learn about how best to carry out this critical work.


Our vision for public education is simple. We believe in a school system that provides every student with the tools and experiences they need to reach their fullest potential.


In order to achieve this vision, we will set clear student learning goals for the District and guardrails that will protect the conditions needed to make student learning a priority.


We believe we are at a decisive moment in time to propel positive change in our schools. To seize this moment, our focus on student learning and student success will guide everything that we do.

The Board of Education will adopt Goals and Guardrails, in the form attached, as its five-year strategic vision for The School District of Philadelphia. The Board will monitor its Goals and Guardrails on a monthly basis at public meetings. The Board will formally evaluate the Superintendent annually on progress toward these Goals and Guardrails. Additionally, the Board will complete and publish a self-evaluation at the end of each school year. 

 Office Originating Request: Board of Education
Summary of Goals and Guardrails Supporting Document
5 year Monitoring CalendarSupporting Document
SY20-21 Superintendent Evaluation TemplateSupporting Document