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Action Item - 11.

Title: Amendment of Contracts with Service Employees International Union Local 32BJ District 1201 and Atalian Global Services, Inc.

Board of Education Meeting Date:

Action under consideration


The Administration recommends that the Board of Education authorize The School District of Philadelphia, through the Superintendent or his designee, to execute and perform separate amendments of contracts, subject to funding, as follows:



Service Employees International Local 32BJ District 1201 (Local 32BJ)

Atalian Global Services, Inc. (formerly doing business as TEMCO Building Maintenance, Inc.)


Purpose:  To amend collective bargaining agreement with Local 32BJ and contract with janitorial and custodial service provider, providing services at all District comprehensive high schools, with cost savings to the District


32BJ Collective Bargaining Agreement


Original start date: 7/1/2016


Original end date: 8/31/2020


Atalian Global Services, Inc. (TEMCO) Contract

Original start date: 1/1/2017

Current end date: 6/30/2020


Amended end date: 6/30/2021


Currently Authorized Compensation not to exceed: $22,140,710


Additional Compensation not to exceed: $8,450,000


Total New Compensation not to exceed: $30,590,710



All Comprehensive High Schools; Administrative Offices



The District and Local 32BJ are parties to a collective bargaining  agreement (CBA) entered into in 2016, which expires on June 30, 2020. Members of Local 32BJ include, among other positions, District janitorial and custodial services staff.  The District also contracts with an external vendor, Atalian Gobal Services, Inc. (Atalian), to provide janitorial and custodial services at comprehensive high schools due to the size and complexity of those buildings. Atalian is responsible for providing staffing, cleaning supplies, and equipment as directed by the District.


The District and Local 32BJ are currently negotiating for their next CBA. Need for a modification has arisen, however, that requires amendment of the existing CBA during the current term, whereby Local 32BJ has authorized the District to redirect payments from Local 32BJ District 1201 Health and Welfare Fund to Building Service 32BJ Health Fund. This modification will provide a cost savings to the District. In exchange, the District will agree to (i) seek to hire at least twenty (20) additional General Cleaners, (ii) meet and discuss with Local 32BJ the use of the Thomas Shortman Fund to provide training for the District's Building Engineers, and (iii) increase funding for Atalian and its subcontractors (or subsequent contractors in the event Atalian is replaced following a competitive procurement between July 2020 and June 2023) to provide certain rates and benefits to their employees who are members of Local 32BJ. Accordingly, the District's contract with Atalian needs to be amended to reflect the District's increase in funding and to require Atalian and its subcontractors to provide such rates and benefits.


Anchor Goal(s) Supported: Anchor Goal 3 - 100% of positions are filled by great principals, teachers and employees


Related resolution(s)/approval(s):

December 15, 2016; A-15

June, 2016; SRC-19 


Funding Source(s): General Fund FY20, General Fund FY21

 Office Originating Request: Talent