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Action Item - 24.

Title: Change Order Summary - Various Vendors - Ben Franklin/SLA High Schools ($1,798,148)

Board of Education Meeting Date:

Action under consideration


Action under consideration

The Administration recommends that the Board of Education authorize The School District of Philadelphia, through the Superintendent or his designee, to execute and perform amendments of contracts to account for change order modifications to on-going construction projects at various locations, as follows:



Smith Construction, Inc.

McGoldrick Electric Inc.

Dolan Mechanical, Inc.

PT Mechanical Group, LLC.



To pay additional amounts necessitated by change orders for ongoing construction projects


Start Date:  3/27/20


End Date:  Through completion dates for previously approved contracts


Compensation not to exceed:  $1,798,148


Separate Compensation by Vendor:


Smith Construction, Inc. - General Contract Major Renovation and Co-Location -- $1,108,170


Smith Construction, Inc. - General Contract Major Renovation and Co-Location – ($652)


McGoldrick Electric Inc. - Electrical Contract Major Renovation and Co-Location -- $664,691


Dolan Mechanical, Inc. - Plumbing Contract Major Renovation and Co-Location -- $9,863


PT Mechanical Group, LLC. - Mechanical Contract Major Renovation and Co-Location -- $15,424



Franklin, Benjamin High School


This action item is to approve modifications to active construction contracts for new construction, major renovations and life cycle replacement projects approved in the Capital Budget. The change order process addresses modifications to contracts for work that is added, deleted, or otherwise modified from the original project design and scope of work. Change orders occur due to design errors, design omissions, unforeseen conditions, and requests from the District to ensure completeness of the project. The Office of Capital Programs reviews, negotiates, and approves change orders subject to Board approval so that construction work is not interrupted due to change orders.

Anchor Goals:
Operations Anchor Goal - Other - Provide 100% of students with a learning environment that is safe, healthy, and welcoming.


Funding Source:
FY 20 Capital Budget 


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6/21/2018; A-7

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 Office Originating Request: Operations - Capital Programs