Item Coversheet

Action Item - 10.

Title: Contract Amendment with Scenario Learning - Safe Schoools Training System ($40,588)

Board of Education Meeting Date:

Action under consideration

 The Administration recommends that the Board of Education authorize The School District of Philadelphia, through the Superintendent or his designee, to execute and perform an amendment of a contract, subject to funding, as follows:

Scenario Learning, LLC 

For online compliance training for employees and volunteers

 Original Start Date:  7/1/2018

 Current End Date:  6/30/2020

 Amended End Date:  6/30/2021

 Currently Authorized Compensation:  $142,244

 Additional Compensation: 

 Total New Compensation:  $182,832 

All Schools; Administrative Office(s)

The District seeks to use Scenario Learning's Safe Schools Training platform to provide locally, state and federally mandated compliance trainings about a variety of safety, health, security emergency management and other topics.  Safe Schools offers a comprehensive library of ready-to-use online trainings that have been specifically designed for school and district use.  The trainings are engaging and based on principles of adult learning, including summary quizzes to check for understanding and a question and answer function.  Moreover, Scenario Learning is one of the few Pennsylvania Department of Education-approved vendors for required Pennsylvania Act 71 and Act 126 trainings.

 Anchor Goal(s) Supported: Anchor Goal 3 - 100% of positions are filled by great principals, teachers and employees   

 Related resolution(s)/approval(s): 

June 21, 2018; A-2

May 30, 2019; No. 19

 Funding Source(s): 
FY21 Operating

 Office Originating Request: Talent