Item Coversheet

Action Item - 25.

Title: License and Right of Entry with the Q Group Builders, Inc. for Exterior Playgrounds Improvements

Board of Education Meeting Date:

Action under consideration


The Administration recommends that the Board of Education authorize The School District of Philadelphia, through the Superintendent or his designee, to execute and perform a license and right of entry agreement and any other necessary documents, subject to funding, as follows:



Q Group Builders, Inc.


Purpose:  Playground improvements


License/Right of Entry Start Date:  3/27/2020


License/Right of Entry End Date:  3/31/2021



Brown, Joseph H. School; Crossan, Kennedy C. School; John Hancock Demonstration School; Greenberg, Joseph School



Approximately 66% of District-operated elementary schools do not have a playground. The Office of Capital Programs is working with external partners in an effort to provide more schools with safe and welcoming outdoor spaces. The Lindy Foundation, an District external partner, selected Q Group Builders and is funding the playground improvement work Q Group Builders will perform.  The four identified schools were selected based on their proximity to neighborhood apartment complexes operated by The Lindy Foundation and the commitment of the school leadership to maintain the improvements.


Anchor Goal Supported: 100% of students with a safe, healthy and welcoming learning environment

 Office Originating Request: Operations - Capital Programs