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Action Item - 29.

Title: Contract with Imperial Bag & Paper Co., LLC -- Detergents & Disposables ($1,200,000)

Board of Education Meeting Date:

Action under consideration

 The Administration recommends that the Board of Education authorize The School District of Philadelphia, through the Superintendent or his designee, to execute and perform a contract, subject to funding, as follows: 

Imperial Bag & Paper Co., LLC 

To provide cleaning and serving supplies for Food Service cafeterias

 Start date: 7/1/2020

 End date: 6/30/2021
 Compensation not to exceed: $1,200,000 
All Schools

 Renewal Options:  Yes

 Number of Options: 2

 Duration of each option to extend: Years: 1  Months:
 Maximum compensation authorized per option period:   $1,200,000

The Division of Food Services has identified a need for a supplier of detergents and disposable wares to meet the operational demands within school kitchens and cafeterias. By contracting with a reputable vendor, Food Services assures that schools can obtain good quality cleaning and serving supplies easily and in a timely manner. It is important that school kitchens and cafeterias are able to serve food in a clean and sanitary environment using good quality paper goods and plastic ware. The Division of Food Services expects that through the implementation of this contract, students in all schools will have access to daily, uninterrupted meal service in clean cafeterias. Contracting for this service supports the Operations goal of providing 100% of students with a safe, healthy learning environment.

 Anchor Goal(s) Supported: Other   Provide 100% of students with a safe, healthy, and welcoming learning environment.

 Related resolution(s)/approval(s): 
May 30, 2019; No. 50 
 Funding Source(s): 
FY21: Cafeteria Fund 

 Office Originating Request: Operations - Procurement