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Board of Education Meeting Date:  10/10/2019

Action under consideration


The Board of Education will consider at its October 17, 2019 Action Meeting a Memorandum of Understanding (“MOU”) with the Architecture and Design Charter High School d/b/a Charter High School of Architecture and Design (“CHAD”) which was approved by CHAD's Board of Trustees at a duly advertised meeting on September 24, 2019.  In accordance with the Agreement to Close Charter School and Cancel Nonrenewal Hearing, dated June 13, 2019 (the “Agreement”), the School District and CHAD have worked together to explore the establishment of an architecture and design school or program managed and operated by the School District (the “New School”). Via this MOU, the School District and CHAD have: (i) set forth currently agreed upon details regarding the development of the New School and (ii) committed to continued collaboration on the development of plans for and programs to be implemented at the New School.

 Office Originating Request: Board of Education